Let's Call It »Hot Spots«

Internet Commercial

Hot Spots was meant to be a promo video for an app quite similar to qype. Sadly we never got to finish it and the app didn't either.

The original idea behind it was to »[…] follow a group of friends from one morning to the next and discover together with them how different the definitions of hot spots can be. Even though these places are so diverse, "Hot Spots" manages to unite our group of friends in the end.«

In order to share this with you and prevent the video from gathering too much dust, we replaced every app element and logo in the video and renamed the app.

We hope you like it nonetheless!



PRODUCTION: Sehsucht, Hamburg
PRODUCER: Selina Schmitt
DIRECTION: We Think Things
STORY & VISUAL CONCEPT: Felix Meyer, Pascal Monaco
ANIMATION:Felix Meyer, Pascal Monaco